WESTconsin Leadership Team

Meet WESTconsin's leadership team comprised of our corporate team and board members. Our corporate team and board members that have the knowledge and experience to serve our members and their needs.

Corporate Team

  • Lora Benrud

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jim Wookey

    Chief Operations Officer
  • Niki Yarrington

    Chief Talent Officer
  • Jerilyn Kinderman

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Stephanie Rasmussen

    Chief Experience Officer
  • Scott Giltner

    Chief Lending Officer
  • Kevin Hall

    Chief Information Officer

Board of Directors

  • Gerald Wolf

    Elmwood - Chairperson

  • Todd Leipnitz

    Menomonie - Vice Chairperson
  • Colleen Mensing

    Menomonie - Secretary
  • Karen Flug

    Menomonie - Treasurer
  • Dale Dahlke

    Knapp - Director
  • Sarah Noreen

    River Falls - Director

  • Mark Dahms

    Menomonie - Director