Routing & Account Numbers

Want to ensure there are no delays in funds being electronically deposited/withdrawn from your WESTconsin Credit Union account? For Direct Deposit, electronic payments, or electronic tax refunds you’ll need to know certain numbers pertinent to your account.

WESTconsin Credit Union’s Routing Number: 291880589

  • For SAVINGS: simply use your member account number – do not add a suffix or any extra digits before or after
  • For CHECKING: 10-digit account number found on the bottom of your check

How to access your account number

  • Login to WESTconsin Online or the Mobile App
    1. Select your checking account
    2. Select ACCOUNT DETAILS (Online) or SHOW DETAILS (App)
    3. Your 10-digit ACH number will show in ACH Number field
  • Direct Deposit Checking Form
    Easily access and print Direct Deposit information for an employer or tax preparer using this form. Your information will print with WESTconsin letterhead saving you a trip to the office or call to our Service Center. Login to WESTconsin Online, go to Additional Services.

  • Stop by your local office
  • Give us a call at (800) 924-0022

Filing for your Tax Refund?

If your account number is incorrect or doesn’t match the account type (savings or checking), it may be rejected and then the IRS will issue your tax refund as a check instead of attempting to deposit your funds electronically again. This will cause a delay in the amount of time it takes for you to receive the funds.

Remember these tips:

  1. Your WESTconsin Credit Union checking account number has 10-digits
  2. Your savings account number is your member account number with no suffix/extra digits
  3. Every year verify in your tax preparation software or with your tax preparer the exact account number that is being used for your tax refund
    • Did you close your account and open a new one in the past year?
    • Switch to a different checking suffix?
    • Want to change from checking to savings so you can set some funds aside for a rainy day?